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About Strass

Strass Landscape Developers has been creating residential landscapes in the Auckland area for over twenty years. During that time, we have had the pleasure to work on some of Auckland’s finest properties with wonderful clients, many of them more than once when clients have needed our services for a new project.

Strass specialises in both the design and the construction of residential landscapes.

We undertake large and small projects of varying degrees of complexity. We have worked on projects with some of Auckland’s best known architects, including Terrence Hitchcock, Cook Sargisson and Pirie, Fearon Hay, Pete Bossley Architects and others.

The Director of Strass Landscapes is Craig Steiner. Craig is a vastly experienced landscaper who is personally involved in both the design and the construction of all Strass projects. His personal involvement and keen eye for detail ensures a consistently high standard is achieved in all aspects of our work.

Strass is an accredited member of Landscaping New Zealand, the Landscape Industries Association of New Zealand, representing professional landscapers throughout the country.

Jan Hart is the principal landscape designer of Strass Landscape Design. Jan is a graduate of Auckland’s Unitec (Diploma in Landscape Design). With a background in graphic design, Jan’s concept plans and sketches make it easy to show our clients what we have in mind for their gardens. Jan is also an accredited member of Landscaping New Zealand.

About Strass

Strass employs an experienced team of landscapers who are skilled in landscape construction. We use a range of specialist sub contractors for our projects where their skills are required – eg stonemason, pool construction, landscape lighting.

We work closely with a select group of horticultural specialists whose skills in planting design ensure that each garden features a carefully selected plant palette which suits the ambience we are creating and the conditions of the site.

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