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Concept Development

Developing a concept plan allows us to work through our ideas for your garden thoroughly and carefully. We can explore alternatives which may not be obvious on site and we can refine the proportions of spaces and examine connections between areas with a high degree of refinement.

explore alternatives and refine the proportions of spaces

Site Analysis

To develop a successful concept plan, we require detailed measurements of your property. If you are undertaking a building project, this information may be available from your architect or surveyor. For most projects will need to re-visit your property and take relevant site measurements, levels and photos in order to develop a concept plan for the garden. We also request a copy of the Council records for your property to ensure we understand any issues that are specifically relevant to your site.

Concept Plan

A landscape concept plan is a scale drawing of the garden showing any existing features which will be retained, proposed areas of paving, steps, paths, gates, retaining walls, lawns and planted areas. Our concept plans are rendered in colour and we often include additional drawings - a perspective sketch or elevation - to help you visualise what we have in mind.

Concept Development

Once the concept plan is complete, we arrange to meet you at home to present the plan and discuss our ideas with you. At this stage we recommend a palette of materials which we believe are appropriate for your project.

Concept Development
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